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Welcome to
Hubbard and Smith.
Please take a few minutes to check out our delicious products, then make your order online.
Make a Santiago brunch in your own home with delicious freshly cut bacon.
A wide range of sausages to choose from suitable for the BBQ, the oven or for that weekend fry up.
Not just for Christmas these delicious hams can be ordered all year round!

Somos una empresa de Santiago,Chile, que ofrece productos tradicionales extranjeros utilizando recetas tradicionales e incorporando cerdo y vacuno chileno.

Favor navegar por nuestro rango de productos tradicionales caseros.   

We are a small business from Santiago,Chile, offering British, South African and Italian meat products using traditional and original recipes  all with locally sourced ingredients.

Please take a look at our range of products, all of which can be ordered online.

Kate Smith

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